1. Why does my dog need a LaGuard™ Fitness Vest? A LaGuard™ Fitness Vest will enhance and improve the results of your current exercise regimen. A better exercise will improve the health and hopefully the life of your dog. 2. How does the LaGuard™ Fitness Vest work? The LaGuard™ Fitness Vest is used the same way ankle or wrist weights work for joggers and walkers. It has sleeves to insert multiple weights. Depending on the workout, you can increase or decrease the number of weights for a dog’s workout. 3. Should I use all the weights in the vest immediately? No. Similar to any individual beginning to exercise for the first time with weights, an exercise regimen with the LaGuard™ Fitness Vest should begin with no or minimum weights. Veterinarians recommend that no dog should carry more than one-third (1/3) of its own body weight. The medium LaGuard™ Fitness Vest holds a total of 13 lbs. The large LaGuard™ Fitness Vest holds a total of 17 lbs. For example, a 60 lb dog should not exceed carrying more than 20 lbs. As you begin adding weight, be sure to begin inserting the weights in the highest pockets left to right and equally distribute the weight… adding one or two bars at a time. 4. How long should my dog wear the LaGuard™ Fitness Vest? The minimum exercise veterinarians’ recommend with a dog is a 15 to 30 minute walk twice per day. The same is recommended for the LaGuard™ Fitness Vest taking into account the above-mentioned recommendations for beginning use with the vest. When the dog has used the vest with weights for at least a week, then incremental increases in weight and length of time is appropriate. LaGuard™ has had some owners tell us stories about riding 2 miles on their bike while the dog follows behind wearing a LaGuard™ Fitness Vest. 5. Can my dog use the vest without supervision? No, it is not recommend a dog exercise with the vest without proper supervision. An exercise regimen with the vest should always be monitored. We encourage not only traditional exercising such as walking and jogs, but also constructive activities and games that build and strengthen the bond between owner and your canine companion. 6. How do I know what size vest my dog needs?

Small 19″ – 26 (48-63 cm)
Medium 27″ – 32″ (69-81cm)
Large 31″ – 40″ (79-102cm)

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