Diane Fowler
Sled Dog Owner

As a teacher of 35 years, I have seen similar weighted vest used on children with behaviorial issues. It helped to focus and center the children. So I’ve seen this concept work! “

I own a sled dog and we are constantly trying to increase our dog’s strength. The :LaGuard Fitness Vest would definitely do it!

Dr, Patricia Meiser
Veterinarian and Show Dog Breeder

The first thing I noticed was the quality, stitching, and how well the [LaGuard Fitness] vest was made. It seemed to fit the model dog perfectly leaving plenty of room for free movement of the legs.

The fact that it is padded on the inside allows your dog to run with the weights without causing any irritation to the dog’s body. I just think it is a great product!

We have a training center attached to our vet practice so one of the ways I would like to see the LaGuard Fitness Vest used for is conditioning dogs for agility or any kind of competition to build more strength.

I would use the LaGuard Fitness Vest for dogs with behaviorial problems – getting them to be more active and wear them out. The more energy the dog exerts, the less likely they are to cause trouble.

As a Veterinarian, I would personally use the [LaGuard Fitness] vest on my dogs to increase their core strength and get then in shape for shows.

Virginia Huxley
Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at University of Missouri and Conformation Trainer

I had a little bit of skepticism and really wanted to see the construction of the vest in person – particularly in the distribution of the weights. I am really impressed with it now that I’ve seen it in person.

The construction of the vest really conforms to the dog’s anatomy. The LaGuard team really thought about how to distribute the weights as well as grade them to allow a dog to go from untrained to gradually increasing the dog’s endurance.”

The University of Missouri – PhD campus – runs a training facility called “Fitness for Fido” Performance program. We are always looking for ways to help individuals with conditioning their dogs. What we’ve used in the past have been bags of rice and backpacks. The LaGuard Fitness Vest is definitely a step up!

Relative to the backpack contraptions, LaGuard Fitness Vest fits flush with the dog’s body whereas the backpacks tend to have the weight hanging unevenly on either side of the dog which could be uncomfortable, painful or even causes injuries.

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